Build Digital Asset projects on Corda

October 08, 2018

Build Digital Asset projects on Corda

This is an invitation to the teams building digital asset and token solutions on Corda: jump start your partnership with R3 by spending your next month co-located with our incredible teams in our London and New York offices.

London team off-duty.

The opportunity in the digital asset space on Corda is immense. Financial market participants and global corporates are eager to issue new forms of securities and tokens with powerful incentives. Startups and fintechs are looking to launch compliant forms of digital assets that can reach a deep market of institutional investors.

We recently published two posts on digital assets and the opportunities in enterprise tokens:

Cakes feature heavily. It’s a sweet deal.

We are offering up the chance to work on these solutions in residence at R3, with space for one team in our London office (Moorgate) and one team in our New York City office (Bryant Park). If you are building or running a business working on digital asset/token issuance, investment, or market infrastructure on Corda, please get in touch and share your story. Contact us at [email protected].