Corda Top Ten Facts — All in one place

September 11, 2018

Corda Top Ten Facts — All in one place

Everything you wanted to know about Corda but were afraid to ask…

September 2018 marks an exciting milestone: three years since work began on the project that became Corda. I took a trip down memory lane today as I put the finishing touches to my “welcome” presentation for CordaCon 2018.

One of the documents I found from September 2015 was this early draft of what became the Corda whitepaper, outlining some of the early vision emanating from the R3 Architecture Working Group. It’s amazing to see how consistent the vision has remained all this time, even if we did discover — happily! — that the system we’d designed to solve problems in finance (“managing the post-trade lifecycle”) turned out to be so much more broadly applicable, across a wide array of industries.

Over this time, many questions about Corda come up regularly. So, in the run-up to this year’s CordaCon, I’ve been sharing ten “top facts”. Here they are all in one place: