Corda Top Ten Facts (and misconceptions..!)

August 29, 2018

Corda Top Ten Facts (and misconceptions..!)

It’s almost three years since we started work on what became Corda, one of the most successful open source blockchain platforms around. In that time, I’ve been asked a lot of questions and I figured it was about time to write down some of the answers…

The questions sometimes reveal misconceptions. For example, some are of our own making: is Corda a blockchain or not?! And some are caused by mischievous competitors: some claim that Corda, the world’s most interoperable blockchain, is only interested in interoperating with itself…

So over the next ten days, in the run up to CordaCon, I’m going to be posting a series of short posts that answer a common question or address a popular misconception head-on.

Once they’re all up, I’ll update this post to link to them all so there’s a single place to find all the top questions and answers.

I’d love your comments on the posts: do they answer your questions? Have I waved away legitimate questions? What else would you like to know? Do I spend too much time gently ribbing the competition? Or should I be going in harder? 🙂

I’ll be on holiday when these posts get published and will be reviewing all the responses when I get back. So do jump in and let me know what you think. And don’t worry… I will read them and not turn into that guy…