Introducing the Corda Technical Advisory Council

May 31, 2018

Richard Brown in Corda

I’m delighted to announce the formation of the Corda Technical Advisory Council (the Corda TAC). This is a group of technical leaders in our community — who most of you know well — who have volunteered to commit their time over and above their existing contributions to the Corda ecosystem to provide advice and guidance to the Corda maintainers.

Members of the TAC are invited by the maintainers of the Corda open source project (Mike and Joel) and will change over time — the inaugural members are listed below. If you’re also interested in contributing to the TAC, please do let us know — most usefully through your technical leadership and contribution to the ecosystem!

We’ve already called on the TAC’s help to review the roadmap for the adoption of Intel SGX technology into Corda, the overall vision for which is outlined in this post from Mike Hearn.

The technical background to this subject is contained in Andras’s email to the corda-dev mailing list. We recorded the call (and video), which you can watch here. Please do continue the debate on corda-dev; we encourage everybody to participate in the discussion.

And, if you haven’t already, you might want to watch Kostas’s presentation at a recent Corda Meetup in New York where he outlines much more about Corda’s approach to security in general and cryptography, in particular, including where Zero Knowledge Proofs fit into the roadmap and how our usage of Intel SGX relates to this. Mike also talks about how our vision for the use of SGX intercepts where we expect ZKP technology to land (and comments on side-channel attacks against modern processors in this must-read piece)

Thank you to the inaugural members — I know this is an additional commitment to your already busy days.

Corda Technical Advisory Council Inaugural Members

Abishek (Abi) Kumarasubramanian (TradeWind Markets)

Barry Childe (HSBC)

Cees van Wijk (ING and HQLAx)

Clay Ratliff (ThoughtWorks)

Dan Middleton (Intel)

David (Dave) Sutter (TradeIX)

Farzad (Fuzz) Pezeshkpour — (NatWest)

Fernando Vazquez (SBI BITS)

Indrani Saha (Cognizant)

Jamie Steiner (Guardtime)

Jean-Cedric (JC) Jollant — (Finastra)

Keith Moore (HPE)

Kishore Seshagiri (Broadridge)

Luiz Silva (Wells Fargo)

Michael Glaros (Microsoft)

Peter De Rooij (Accenture)

Raoul Bhoedjang (ING and HQLAx)

Suhas Kundargi (Calypso)