NodePad simplifies Corda Operations

May 04, 2018

NodePad simplifies Corda Operations

If you have been hiding under a rock for the past two years, The Corda Team has gone a long way providing the Financial Industry with a first class premissioned Distributed Ledger. They looked beyond the Blockchain-Crypto-Fintech-StickItToTheBanks hype a came with a clear vision (insert any post from Richard Brown).

2018 is a special year for DLT as the technology is now live with global projects such as LenderComm for Syndicated Lending. They actually rolled out in Production last week. Production means Operations, and this is where NodePad comes in the picture.

Corda can be enriched both from the inside (through CorDapps) or the outside (through services and utilities). NodePad is an Operation utility which should make your life much easier once you start getting serious with Corda.

The underlying idea is to deliver immediate punch and shorten your time from development to production.

During development/test phases which are typically high touch, you will most likely want to interact with NodePad User Interface:

As much as we think the UI is cute, there is no such thing a yet another dashboard in Production. For this, you may want to feed your existing monitors with NodePad REST API instead. All these are documented on our wiki.

Long story short, check it out. It’s free as in beer and can only give you easier access to your Corda infrastructure.

NodePad v1.7 is available at . Please reach out to [email protected] for any questions.