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Fraud Detection: Identifying and preventing fraud


Fraudulent activities that are spread across multiple institutions remain difficult to detect as there has been no way to securely pool multiple private data sets from industry participants. Parties are reluctant to share data with one another for fear it will be leaked or abused.


With Corda, multiple parties can exchange information with greater data security than ever before. And, by using Corda with Conclave—a confidential computing SDK that protects sensitive business data in use—multi-party data can be processed to detect fraud without revealing the underlying data to anyone.

Featured fraud detection project

Customer story

ClaimShare is the first platform that allows the detection and prevention of double-dipping fraud in the insurance industry. Using Corda and Conclave, we are one step closer to fighting fraud in real-time.

Chaim Finizola, ClaimShare Director, IntellectEU

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