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Global Trade: Completing direct, digital transactions


Cross-border trade is a complex industry, involving numerous parties in multiple jurisdictions, creating inefficiencies and industry-level challenges. Technology has long threatened the ‘digitization’ of trade, but few solutions have achieved repeatable, digitally-executed transactions.


With a private P2P DLT platform like Corda, transactions are completed directly between relevant parties, enabling direct, digital issuance and exchange of negotiable trade documents across networks. Each transaction is recorded sequentially and indefinitely, providing an indelible audit trail throughout the lifecycle of an asset.

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Customer story

By migrating our blockchain platform to Corda, the first purpose-built blockchain for enterprise, our current and future clients will benefit from unparalleled security, transparency and performance that comes with Corda.

Samir Neji, Founder, #DLTLEDGER

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Customer story

Corda’s privacy, security and scalability capabilities are truly unique in the enterprise blockchain world.  Corda provides us the ability to empower our members by decentralising data whilst guaranteeing synchronicity between peers – a unique proposition that is integral to our success.

Carl Wegner, CEO, Contour

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Customer story

The ability to host nodes behind corporate firewalls, combined with the additional deployment and support services built on the platform’s strength in delivering interoperability, security and privacy, and will help to scale up the network as the ecosystem grows.

Rob Barnes, CEO, Marco Polo Network

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