Digitalize precious metals end-to-end

  • In the gold market and industry value chain, trust between participants and confidence in the integrity of the product have traditionally been based on personal relationships
  • The paper-based and largely manual nature of the industry’s documentation and processes means proving provenance is difficult, slow and expensive
  • Bullion Integrity Ledger digitalizes precious metals and the entire end-to-end process and value chain around it, boosting integrity and efficiency while maintaining confidentiality for all participants
  • Bullion Integrity Ledger is also designed to cover other precious metals, such as silver, palladium, platinum
  • Why Corda? Because of its financial services reputation, strong privacy, scalability and JVM industry standard
  • Digitizes the value chain from mining to transportation to investment
  • Reduces transaction times, manual processes and reconciliation
  • Each bar has an accompanying digital twin in the form of a Bullion Integrity Certificate™