FINMA regulated Digital Asset Exchange Platform

  • Most exchanges lack capacity to build their own digital asset exchange platform
  • There is a financial risk of uncertainty, low trust and high transaction costs
  • Building your own exchange brings complexity of regulation, oversight and documentary requirements
  • SDX is a fully integrated issuance, trading, settlement, and custody infrastructure for digital assets, regulated by FINMA
  • With Corda, SDX integrates digital asset trading, settlement, and custody on a secure, simple and instantaneous infrastructure
  • Why Corda? Enables SDX to facilitate trades on public marketplaces and conduct private transactions peer-to-peer between users
  • Live with the world’s first bond issuance using a pure digital part in a fully regulated environment
  • The first in the world to deliver a single seamless workflow from execution to atomic settlement on ledger
  • 24×7 operating hours with reduced settlement risk and cost from T+0 settlement