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Payments: Meeting capital and liquidity needs


Today, cross-border payments involve a highly fragmented set of activities by banks in multiple countries. This process is fraught with inefficiencies which result in high fees, limited transparency, and long settlement times.


With Corda, companies can custody and move digital assets directly between entities and across borders to meet their own capital and liquidity needs. Banks can also create new services to address potential revenue losses from traditional payment services.

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Customer story

Rather than a single consortium network for B2B payments, Corda uniquely enables CoreChain to implement bespoke, private sub-networks for our partners that then interoperate through the Corda-based CoreChain Exchange, to reach common endpoints and use common services. Each of our partners can provide the rules for their own sub-network, while CoreChain serves as the business network governor enabled by our CoreChain Exchange.

RJ Herrick, Co-Founder & CTO, CoreChain Technologies

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Customer story

We were drawn to three main attributes of Corda: the fact that information is shared peer-to-peer on a need-to-know basis only, that users can transact on a private network with known identities and Corda’s easy integration with Conclave.

Alstone Tee, Co-Founder, OneHypernet

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Customer story

Corda was designed by and for financial institutions. It is a distributed ledger solution that allows for appropriate data confidentiality controls, scales to bank transaction volumes and throughput, and supports an information security design that is compatible with Wells Fargo’s industry regulated standards.

Roger Cabrera, Senior Communications Consultant, Wells Fargo

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