Build fast, without complexity

Corda is the world’s leading distributed application platform enabling the effortless development of multi-party apps. 

Why choose Corda?

Corda is the fast and future-proof way to build multi-party apps that run on permissioned, scalable, and secure distributed networks–that is also open to other apps and chains. The next generation of Corda was engineered to meet the needs of customers who are operating at scale in regulated environments.

An open and flexible development model

Corda’s architecture is purpose-built and informed by real-world feedback from systemically important institutions operating at scale. Build next-gen multi-party applications on a scalable, modern, and flexible foundation.


Build with what you already use and grow with Corda 

Develop and run your first Corda application using production grade open-source code 

Benefit from cloud-native technologies for a modern development and simple deployment experience

Write apps in languages you already use such as Java, Kotlin, and any JVM compatible language

Start with a centralized, private network and gradually decentralize over time

Develop on a feature-rich platform

Get ledger, smart contract, and tokenization in one regulatory-compliant platform

Create application networks and manage participants without operational complexity

Access new sources of liquidity and revenue streams with a multi-tenanted platform 

Enable continuous throughput of workflow transactions with Corda’s worker architecture

Accelerate path to production

Save time in development with easy integration over RESTful APIs

Minimize risk of downtime with highly available data storage and infrastructure

Reduce total cost of ownership per network participant with the newly introduced Virtual Nodes for multi-tenancy 

Get end-to-end support from Professional Services during design, development, and deployment of distributed applications built on Corda

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