Corda Top Ten Facts #10: Vibrant Open Source Community

September 11, 2018

Corda Top Ten Facts #10: Vibrant Open Source Community

Myth: Corda is proprietary software controlled by R3 (or the “evil banks”)

Corda has more developers contributing to it than any of Quorum, Geth or Fabric.

Don’t believe me? Check for yourself…

The charts above show the contributions to each of the four codebases in the year to August 24 2018 (the date I wrote this post but you get similar results if you choose other periods). Scroll down each page and you can see the contributors.

These figures aren’t necessarily perfectly comparable (eg the figures refer to the master branch for Corda, Geth and Quorum but the release-1.2 branch for Fabric) but what is striking is how close these platforms are. Quorum looks very quiet but a lot of that could be because the Ethereum community, unlike Corda and Hyperledger, have chosen to do their enterprise work behind closed doors for some reason.

But if you look at Corda, Fabric and Geth, they’re pretty much neck-and-neck: there really are only three games in town.

To see what I mean, take a look at one of the smaller platforms: a single contributor in the last year.

But contributor numbers aren’t the only metric. We also need to worry about diversity. What is striking here, too, is that more people have contributed to Corda that are not employed by R3 than who are employed by R3!

In short, Corda is vibrant, popular and the work of multiple hands. Just like a successful open source project should be.