Corda Top Ten Facts #4: Cross-Industry

September 03, 2018

Corda Top Ten Facts #4: Cross-Industry

Myth: Corda is just for finance

Corda was designed to operate in one of the most highly regulated spaces in the world. We worked with banks first because they’re some of the most difficult to persuade and by solving for deployment within banks we solved for almost everywhere else too, so Corda is not stuck in the realm of endless PoCs.

And the strategy is paying off: Corda is being adopted in healthcare, insurance, energy, trade and more.

There’s a reason Corda’s competitors work so hard to position Corda as being for finance-only: it’s because they know whenever they go head-to-head with a Corda-based solution, Corda wins and they lose. So they’d rather not have the fight in the first place..!

To be fair to them, I’d do the same thing if I were in their shoes… but if you’re a consumer of blockchain technology don’t be misled: Corda is for all industries.