Digital B2B payments and financing solution

  • B2B payments are complicated, slow, inefficient, and unsecure for buyers and suppliers
  • 65% of $40T annual B2B spend in North America is still settled via paper checks
  • Supplier working capital is frequently tied in up in approved but unpaid invoices
  • CoreChain delivers a digital B2B payments and financing solution for any buyer-supplier network, platform or marketplace in North America
  • Faster and more efficient digital payments eliminate back-office expenses and reduce fraud
  • Why Corda? It provides an immutable source of truth for all transactions and facilitates settlement via both USD and tokenized digital assets
  • $300 million in B2B payments processed and counting
  • 1000s of hours of back-office operations eliminated
  • $35B annual spend under management
  • Expanded operating hours with 24×7 transactions