Confidential cash management platform

  • Today over one third of money market trades are still performed over the phone with 65% occurring within the same country
  • Over-the-phone trades and office geography severely limit the pool of potential counterparties, making it harder, more time consuming and more expensive to find trading opportunities
  • Instimatch’s cash management platform comprises Money Markets (MM), Forex, eNotes, Repo and MM Funds
  • The platform enables institutional treasuries to communicate, share data and trade securely with absolute confidentiality and trust across different sectors and geographies
  • Why Corda? Chosen for its ability to facilitate true peer-to-peer transactions while maintaining data confidentiality
  • 180+ strong network across 25 geographies and many sectors
  • Data sharing and transaction settlement with hardware-based confidentiality
  • Enhances transparency, efficiency, speed and proof of best execution