Connecting the asset lifecycle in private markets

  • Investment, trading and management of unlisted assets such as real estate, infrastructure, private companies and funds remain predominantly a manual process
  • These processes involve countless file exchanges via emails and document storage on local servers, creating additional workload to investors
  • These challenges reduce time and resources dedicated to executing transactions and increase risks and costs to asset owners
  • VALK is an end-to-end digital transaction solution that makes investment, trading and management of unlisted assets seamless, delivering transparency and liquidity
  • Built as a white labelled platform, VALK automates the KYC/AML, investment management and trading processes while integrating into existing legacy systems
  • Why Corda? VALK chose Corda as it provides a regulatory-compliant framework to tokenize debt instruments that then can be traded across VALK platforms
  • 80% reduction in end-to-end processing time
  • 50% reduction in associated costs
  • $3b assets on platform