Let’s Talk Blockchain: Interview with TradeIX

December 09, 2020

In this live stream, we will be talking to David Sutter Chief Product Officer at TradeIX about Marco Polo. At the end of the stream, we will also be introducing a new integration solution Cordaptor, launched by Bond180.

TradeIX is rewiring trade finance by providing the most connected and secure platform infrastructure for corporates, banks, asset managers, B2B networks and value-added service providers. Built on R3’s distributed ledger technology, the platform’s applications, developer tools, and core protocol represent the dawn of the “internet of trade”.

TradeIX is also the network operator of the Marco Polo Network.  Launched in 2017, the Marco Polo Network is one of the largest and fastest growing distributed trade and supply chain finance network in the world, having collaborated globally with leading financial institutions, and their corporate clients.

Learn more about TradeIX and Marco Polo at: tradeix.com and marcopolo.finance. 

Cordaptor allows adding Corda technology to any application stack instantly. It’s aim is to accelerate Corda adoption through providing capabilities that are required for just about any Corda application, so that teams can focus on creating exciting products with Corda, not grapple with infrastructure. Essentially, Cordaptor is a caching load-balancing gateway for Corda creating fully-featured a REST API for any CorDapp on the fly without any changes to it.

Check out Cordaptor: https://github.com/b180tech/cordaptor